Media & Press

General quotes and commentary:

Vox: Billionaires like Jeff Bezos are throwing money at biodiversity. Will it work?, Sept 2021.

BBC: US rejoins climate accord, Feb 2021.

Agence France-Press: Indigenous peoples wary of UN biodiversity-rescue plan, Jan 2021.

Intercept: US withdrawal from Paris Agreement casts the stakes of the election in planetary terms, Nov 4, 2020.

Climate Home News: Vietnam braces for Typhoon Molave, in worst tropical storm season for decades, Oct 2020.

New York Times: She Was in Labor. Floodwaters Were Rising. Then the Boat Tipped Over, Oct 2020.

Editorials: Climate Change? Yup, that’s on the ballot too, Nov 2020.

The Hill: COVID-19 and the biodiversity crisis, Nov 2020.

Press on IPCC/IPBES Joint Workshop Report:

New York Times: Our Response to Climate Change Is Missing Something Big, Scientists Say, June 2021.

Reuters: Climate change and biodiversity loss must be tackled together – report, June 2021.

InsideClimate News: New Report: Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss Must Be Tackled Together, Not Separately, June 2021

Gizmodo: Landmark Report Links Earth’s 2 Biggest Existential Threats for the First Time, June 2021

Grist: Climate action is a double-edged sword for nature, June 2021.

Press on IPCC Climate Change and Land Report:

New York Times: Climate Change Threatens the World’s Food Supply, United Nations Warns

Washington Post: Climate Change Imperils Global Food and Water Supplies, New UN Study Finds

Los Angeles Times, Aug 8, 2019: Land Use Policy Key to Reigning In Global Warming, UN Report Warns

Democracy Now, Aug 9, 2019: Supersizing Climate Change: UN Says Meat Production Destroys Land & Diminishes Key Water Sources

Scientific American: To Halt Warming and Ensure Food Supplies, Land Use Practices Must Change

NBC News: Climate Change Could Trigger a Global Food Crisis, New UN Report Says

CNN: Food Will Be Scarce, Expensive, and Less Nutritious, Climate Report Says

Devex: Climate Change Will Demand Food Systems Overhaul, IPCC Finding Show

Huffington Post: World Must Protect Land to Avoid Climate Disaster, New UN Report Warns

Gizmodo: Humans Have Transformed 70% of Lands on Earth. Here’s What To Do Next. 

InsideClimate News: IPCC Report Shows Food System Overhaul Needed to Save the Climate

Axios: The Climate Peril from Land Degradation

Time Magazine: If We Want to Stop Climate Change, Now is a Moment of Reckoning for How We Use the Planet, Warns UN Report

Rolling Stone: The Climate Crisis Is Moving Us Towards a Food Catastrophe

Plugged in with Greta van Susteren, Voice of America: Climate Change, The Growing Threat.

Cheddar News (video): Climate Report Pushes for Change in Human Diet

Press on IPBES Global Assessment Report:

Spark Dialogue podcast, Dec 3, 2019: Is the Biodiversity of the Earth Doomed?

Scientific American, May 29, 2019: What Conservation Efforts Can Learn from Indigenous Communities

KALW Radio San Francisco, One Planet show, June 16, 2019 (audio): Mass extinction and climate change, July 1, 2019 (editorial): Millions of species could disappear if we don’t change

Pacific Standard, Aug 1, 2019 : Indigenous Communities are Better at Preserving Biodiversity, Study Shows

Audio or visuals of recent talks I have given:

Podcast on New Books Network on Forests are Gold: Trees, People and Environmental Rule in Vietnam, interviewed by Nick Cheesman, Dec 16, 2016. Discussion on the politics of bald hills, payments for environmental services, the enduring influence of colonial maps, problems with acacia, and why Foucault and Latour are useful to think with when asking questions about the environment.

Video talk from University of Oxford on “Social Vulnerability and adaptation possibilities for Vietnam in a 4 degrees plus world.” Presentation at conference on 4 Degrees and Beyond International Climate Conference, Oxford, UK, September 2009.

Presentation on Migration and Climate Change at the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office, New York City, April 2012.

Press: Articles and commentary featuring my research:

Mongabay, April 1, 2019: “Questions Remain as Vietnam Hits Major REDD+ Milestone”

Science Daily, Feb 26, 2019: “Indigenous knowledge key to successful ecosystem restoration”

The New York Times, Jan 11, 2017: “Vo Quy, father of environmental conservation in Vietnam, dies at 87“.

La Stampa (Italy), June 20, 2016: “Scegliere la foresta: il Cuc Phuong National Park  [Choose the forest: Cuc Phuong National Park]”

The New York Times, Jan 22, 2016: “Vietnam’s sacred turtle dies at an awkward, some say ominous, time”.

Australian Broadcasting Company, RN Breakfast, Nov 25, 2015: “Paris climate deal on forests off-set by looming blow out in carbon emissions”.

Guardian (UK), July 31, 2015: “Vietnam’s rush to develop risks damaging its natural attractions“.

Thanh Nien Newspaper (Vietnam), July 6, 2015: “Vietnam anxiously wants to bring quick end to tourism crisis, but can it?”.

Thanh Hien Newspaper (Vietnam), Feb 12, 2015: “World’s largest cave gets temporary reprieve from cable car”. 

Thanh Nien Newspaper (Vietnam), Nov 12, 2014: “Vietnam Ministry blocks controversial cable car to world’s largest cave”.

The New York Times, June 6, 2014: “In Vietnam, paying communities to preserve the forests”

The Scientist, June 2013:  “It Takes a Village“:  Scientists working in developing countries find that giving back to local communities enriches their own research.

Thanh Nien Newspaper (Vietnam), June 24, 2013: “Conservation hell Vietnam pulls plug on park’s UNESCO recognition

San Jose Mercury News, Feb 1, 2013: “Vietnamese eat rats and are aggressive, Stanford professor says in article, triggering online uproar

Thanh Nien Newspaper (Vietnam), Feb 1, 2013: “Vietnam bashing Op-Ed goes ape, infuriates conservationists

Thanh Nien Newspaper (Vietnam), Jan 19, 2013: “Bear rescue center escapes eviction in surprise decision

Thanh Nien Newspaper (Vietnam), Dec 7, 2012: “Damning evidence no match for dam pushers

USA Today, Nov 12, 2012: “Vietnam may evict bears from ‘protected’ park land”

The Independent (UK), Dec 2, 2009: “A four degree world? You really don’t want to go there…”

WorldWatch Magazine, Jan/Feb 2008: “War and the Environment:” War can wreck landscapes and ecosystems as well as people.