Teaching and Advising


At Rutgers my teaching portfolio focuses on global environmental issues and policy. At the undergraduate level, I regularly teach classes for the  Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behavior (EPIB) major in Climate Change Policy and Globalization, Environment and Development. I also occasionally teach the undergraduate EPIB Capstone class and fill in for other courses. I previously taught EPIB 315 International Environmental Policy.

I regularly teach a graduate course HDEC 501 Nature Society Theory in the fall which counts as a core class in the graduate certificate for Human Dimensions of Environmental Change.  I have also taught HDEC 502 Political Ecology of Climate Change (FinalGradClimateSyllabus). These courses are open to any graduate student at Rutgers, or any graduate student in a university belonging to the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium (Columbia University, Princeton University, CUNY Graduate Center, Fordham University, Stony Brook University, New School University, New York University).


If you are interested in working with me as a graduate student, please let me know. You would need to apply to the Ph.D. or masters’ programs in one of the four graduate departments with which I am affiliated: the Department of Geography, the Department of Anthropology, the Department of Women’s & Gender Studies, or the Bloustein School of Public Policy.

I have three advisees on the job market in 2021-2:

Dr. David Eisenhauer, Ph.D in Geography, 2019. Dissertation title: “Up in the Air: Informing and Imagining Climate Adaptation along the New Jersey Shore.” Currently visiting assistant professor, Bennington College.

Dr. Monica Hernandez, Ph.D in Geography, 2020. Dissertation title: “Communities, Conflict, and Collective Land Titling in Rural Colombia: A Changing Human Geography.” Currently postdoctoral researcher at the Instituto de Investigación de Recursos Biológicos Alexander von Humboldt in Bogotá, Colombia.

Janet Adomako, Ph.D candidate, Geography (2022 forthcoming). Dissertation title: “Nodding to Diverse Ontologies: Political Ecology of Small-scale Mining and Gender in Ghana.”

Recent advisees who have graduated include:

Dr. Ida Ansharyani, Ph.D in Geography, 2018. Dissertation title: “Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods: Conflicts in Knowledge, Policy and Management of Forests in Batulanteh Watershed, Sumbawa Indonesia.” Currently lecturer at the Universitas Samawa in Indonesia and co-senior researcher on my NSF-funded project Ecosystem Services Policy in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Angela Oberg, Ph.D in Planning and Public Policy, 2018. Dissertation title: “Sordid stories and storied spaces: the politics of sewage in Agra, India”. Currently assistant teaching professor in the Department of Human Ecology, Rutgers.

Current advisees include:

Hoang Thach, Ph.D. candidate, Geography (supervisor). Topic: Rewilding species in Vietnam.

Alysse Moldawer, Ph.D candidate, Evolutionary Anthropology (supervisor). Topic: Orangutan conservation in Indonesia

Sadaf Javed, Ph.D candidate, Geography (committee member). Topic: Sustainable agriculture in India.

Sujee Jung, Ph.D. candidate, Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy (committee member). Topic: Urban river planning in Hanoi.

My previous teaching at Arizona State University included:

SGS 394 Globalization and the Environment

SGS 494 Senior Capstone: Coping with Climate Change

SGS 305 Research Methods

SOS 494 Social Dimensions of Climate Change (online course)

SGS 394 Global Environmental Conflict

SOS 321 Policy & Governance in Sustainable Systems